100% White


100% White

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  • Leo Regan
In the early 90s, Leo Regan spent two years photographing a gang of British neo-Nazi skinheads for a book. Now a documentary filmmaker, he found some of them again, hoping to record how they had changed. This tough-minded film is the result: a clear-sighted documentation of violent men who have attempted, in their own ways, to return to a society that they had rejected. Nick, Neil and Colin open up to Leo in ways that are extraordinary; clearly, he won their respect a decade ago, and they are willing to share their lives and thoughts with him. Race and violence were their bywords then so it is extraordinary to see Nick befriend a black man and Neil taking anger management training in order to save his marriage. But the strangest case is Colin, a show-off with a tattoo saying 100% White on his belly who is harbouring a surprising secret..."100% White is... thoroughly modern, self-reflexive and non-prescriptive." -- Fiona Morrow, Sight and Sound. Marc Glassman.

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