37 Uses for a Dead Sheep

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37 Uses for a Dead Sheep

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Quirky and inventive, 37 Uses For A Dead Sheep is a collaborative doc that follows the nomadic Kirghiz tribe from the Pamir region of Central Asia. For the last 27 years they have lived in exile in Eastern Turkey. In 2005, director Ben Hopkins and his crew arrived to tell their story. We learn how the Kirghiz’s antipathy to communism drove them from Soviet Russia, then later from Maoist China, and finally from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to their current exile. Working with the Kirghiz, the film crew developed entertaining reconstructions shot in a variety of cinematic styles and employing traditional storytelling methods. The result is a jaunty blend of nouveau ethnography with comic observations into the process of filmmaking. Ultimately, what emerges is a fascinating portrait of a unique people caught in the whirl of globalized culture. Sean Farnel

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