Accelerated Development: In the Idiom of Santiago Alvarez


Accelerated Development: In the Idiom of Santiago Alvarez

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  • Travis Wilkerson

Santiago Alvarez was an artist, a creator of agit-prop films who magnificently served Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution for thirty years. Travis Wilkerson, a native of Montana and an image-maker in a country that despises Castro’s Cuba, has created a homage to Alvarez. A master of montage, Alvarez was able to create immediate works of art and political subversion through the form of weekly newsreels. Wilkerson has the wit and ability to recreate Alvarez’ style with its emphasis on rapid cutting, clearly delineated ideological enemies and bold use of popular songs as a counterpoint to the often disturbing visuals. The film evokes Alvarez’ revolutionary style during the 60s when his ironic and angry response to imperialism in Vietnam struck a chord in the West. Wilkerson has created a worthy look at a fine film artist. Marc Glassman.

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