After the Apocalypse

after apocalypse 3

After the Apocalypse

  • UK
  • 65
  • 14A
  • Antony Butts
  • Natasha Dack (Producer)
  • Antony Butts (Producer)
  • Sarah Tierney (Producer)
  • Antony Butts (Cinematographer)
  • Hugh Williams (Editor)
  • Tom Player (Music)
  • Pip Norton (Sound)
With little regard for the estimated 200,000 residents, the first Soviet bomb is dropped in 1949 on a secret nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Radioactive fallout spreads throughout the region, causing sickness and deformities within the population. Now, generations later, the effects can still be seen in the one in 20 children born with birth defects. The orphanages are filling with abandoned children and one maternity doctor, with the support of some state officials, attempts to ‘clean’ the genetic pool by introducing a ‘genetic passport’ that would prevent the region’s women from having children. This powerful film follows two mothers who undergo pressure and ill treatment from some in the medical community as they fight for the right to keep their unborn children despite the potential risks. Heather Haynes

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