All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn't Open

All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesnt Open 2

All That Passes By Through a Window That Doesn't Open

  • USA, Qatar
  • 70
  • G
  • Martin DiCicco
  • Kakha Macharashvili (Producer)
  • Martin DiCicco (Producer)
  • Martin DiCicco (Cinematographer)
  • Iva Radivojević (Editor)
  • Leandros Ntounis (Sound)
When the Soviet Union crumbled, the economic landscape of Eurasia was reduced to rubble. In Azerbaijan, oil reserves are hazardously low&mdash;it’s estimated the country has only 30 years of oil dependency left. The government decides to reinvest in railways in the hopes of establishing a “new Silk Road” to connect economically depressed nations and bring prosperity. Through breathtaking imagery and deeply vulnerable admissions, filmmaker Martin DiCicco’s visually mesmerizing debut feature follows Azerbaijan railway workers through the Caucasus, laying tracks for a future that promises glory to a new generation. Rough-and-tumble men work, wait and dream, trying to suppress regret and fear by connecting with one another and the dreams of a better future. <b>Ravi Srinivasan</b>

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