American Movie

American Movie 1

American Movie

  • USA
  • 107
  • 14A
  • Chris Smith
  • Jim McKay (Producer)
  • Sarah Price (Producer)
  • Chris Smith (Producer)
  • Michael Stipe (Producer)
  • Jun Diaz (Editor)
  • Barry Poltermann (Editor)
  • Mike Schank (Music)
In this beloved cult classic from 1999, director Chris Smith follows the cinematic misadventures of Mark Borchardt, an aspiring indie filmmaker in the blue-collar suburbs of Milwaukee. As Mark struggles to complete <em>Coven</em>, a hilariously lo-fi horror film, Smith tracks his efforts to gain access to the film world and keep his personal demons at bay. With the help of local theatre actors, and $3,000 from his senile Uncle Bill, Mark and loyal sidekick Mike Schank try to use their low-budget schlockfest to launch their big screen careers&mdash;only to be derailed by Mark’s burgeoning alcoholism and the ineptitude of the family and friends on their production team. Hot Docs is proud to present this Sundance Award&ndash;winning doc in partnership with the Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking, which has named <em>American Movie</em> the recipient of its 2016 Legacy Award for non-fiction filmmaking. <b>Will Di Novi</b>

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