AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story

American The Bill Hicks Story 1

AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story

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  • Matt Harlock
  • Paul Thomas
"We don't go to comedy shows to think!" — heckler <p> "Let me know where you go to think. I'll meet you there." — Bill Hicks <p> Bill Hicks never got the recognition he deserved in America. With his raunchy yet relevant attacks on the contradictory American way of life, Hicks was an agitator–and individuality hasn't always been in style. Filmmakers Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas have deftly selected the most groundbreaking moments of this influential comedian's career and offer insight into his personal challenges on the rocky road to fame. The resulting portrait is one of an evolving performer who despised apathy and believed he could change the world by making fun of it. Fans will be thrilled to see old performances given new context, and those unfamiliar with his talent will be quickly won over. — Sarafina DiFelice

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