And Rightly So! - My Father Lives in Venezuela


And Rightly So! - My Father Lives in Venezuela

  • The Netherlands
  • 25
  • STC
  • Renè Roelofs

Twelve-year-old Roxana was denied access to her father for two years when he was caught smuggling drugs in Venezuela and sent to prison. From the security of her Dutch home, she speaks candidly about her conflicting emotions during this period – a mix of sadness, anger and fear for her dad’s safety. In the hope of better understanding his experience, Roxana visits a Dutch prison and tries to imagine life behind bars. Now reunited with her father, she can forgive but not forget the pain of their forced separation. Produced as part of a documentary series on children’s rights, My Father Lives in Venezuela is a moving and sensitive account of a child who is forced to suffer the consequences of a parent’s mistake. Karen Tisch. In Dutch with English subtitles.

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