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Nobuyoshi Araki is one of Japan’s most controversial and celebrated artists. With over 300 books to his credit, Araki is the most published photographer in the world. Extremely versatile, his body of work ranges from landscapes to portraits to tableaus, all capturing the uniqueness of Japanese society. But it’s the photos exploring erotic themes and depicting bondage that have made him an icon. Known for his incredibly high energy and zany working style, Araki is notorious for claiming to have slept with all of his women subjects. He cuts quite a figure, and his image, whether in caricature or photos, has become its own trademark. Director Travis Close spends a month documenting Araki’s every frenetic move in his studio. Combining extraordinary interviews with the likes of Richard Kern and Bjork with stunning images of Araki’s vast portfolio, Close makes a film that allows us a rare look into Araki’s unique artistic process and at the culture that fosters his controversial work. Shannon Abel <br> <br> Co-presented with Contact Photography Festival.

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