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In Montevideo, Uruguay, as in many big cities in South America, youth poverty is rampant. In this incredibly gritty and intimate film, renowned director and intellectual Mario Handler, as a one-man film crew, spends over a year documenting the lives of three young people living far outside the knowledge society. Carina is 21. Following in the footsteps of her mother, she’s a prostitute and a minor star in Carnival. Her younger brother Neno is a small time crook who’s been in and out of juvenile detention centres. He snorts coke and hangs out with his friends in the slums and squats of Montevideo. Milka is 17, a single mother with no source of income who searches the dumpsters for items to sell and food for herself and her one-year-old daughter. With an unflinching eye, Handler captures the struggle of this forgotten community to meet basic needs and to find culture within deprivation. Shannon Abel.

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