At the Edge of Russia

at the edge of russia 3

At the Edge of Russia

  • Poland
  • 72
  • 14A
  • Michal Marczak
  • Marianna Rowinska (Producer)
  • Radoslaw Ladczuk (Cinematographer)
  • Dorota Wardeszkiewicz (Editor)
  • Radoslaw Ochnio (Sound)
  • Mariusz Bielecki (Sound)

Hundreds of miles from the nearest town or tree, a smooth-faced young recruit arrives at his Arctic post. Here, etched somewhere into the endless white, is a border. The boy, Aleksey, joins five men, together charged with the absurd task of patrolling the invisible border for invisible enemies. Through a crisp and unblinking lens, we watch as the gruff old soldiers, each a refugee from civilization in his own way, initiate the boy into their rigorous daily life. It’s a cold, hard routine, the discipline broken only by the occasional vodka and sad song. Polish director Michal Marczak has assembled a formidable cast of characters in this breathtaking debut, both delicate and bold. At the Edge of Russia is a metaphorical portrait of a crumbled empire whose diligent men still busy themselves tracing meaning in the infinite white. Samara Chadwick

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