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Filmmaker Avi Mograbi, the Israeli Woody Allen, documents life in August, the hottest month of the year. Are the riotous events that take place then a metaphor for whatever is hateful in the state of Israel? Mograbi thinks so but his wife counters with the argument that August is a time of hope, when life is lived to the fullest. In this angry and disturbing film, Mograbi mixes his well-known talent as a monologist with much footage that shows the decline of civil rights in Israel. Wherever he goes as a self-proclaimed documentary filmmaker, Mograbi finds himself attacked by the police, the military and even the local citizenry. No one believes he’s an independent spirit, searching for the truth. Mixing fiction with documentary, Mograbi attempts to cast a woman to play Mrs. Baruch Goldstein, the widow of the reborn Jew who killed a number of worshipping Palestinians in Hebron. What could be a hotter idea in August? Marc Glassman.

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