Bacon, The Film


Bacon, The Film

  • Canada
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  • Hugo Latulippe

Sooooeey! Massive factory farming of the other white meat is wreaking environmental, social and political havoc in rural communities across Canada, and nowhere are pork megafarms more divisive and destructive than in Quebec’s La Beauce and Saguenay regions. In the name of jobs, exports and profits, the Quebec government has subsidized the massive growth of Quebec’s pork industry, resulting in the loss of family farms and agricultural diversity to a monopolistic monoculture, the pollution of rivers and groundwater, the clearing of forests for hog farm waste dispersal and the destruction of soil fertility. A key tool to effect this plan has been the suspension of the democratic rights of citizens to determine what happens to their environment. Latulippe spent a year carefully documenting the porkbarrel collusion between government and industry, the effects of hostile technologies on biological cycles, and, above all, the mobilization of embattled citizens to direct action, including an intervention by French anti-agribusiness activist José Bové. A hard-hitting and impassioned account of resisting globalization from where we live. David McIntosh. In French with English subtitles.

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