Basement Satellite

the basement satellite 1

The Basement Satellite

  • South Korea
  • 108
  • G
  • Hyoungju Kim
  • Ji-hye Ahn (Producer)
  • Hyoungju Kim (Cinematographer)
  • Yoonzu Um (Editor)
  • Hyoungju Kim (Writer)
  • Minkook Kang (Music)
  • Yong-soo Pyo (Sound)

“Art today isn’t just painting a pretty picture or making a sculpture. Making you think about something new and making something different is also art.”

A South Korean artist and amateur scientist sets out to build the first civilian satellite. Blurring the lines between science and fantasy, Hojun Song establishes the Open Source Satellite Initiative in an effort to demonstrate that the most out there, seemingly unachievable dreams can come true. He spends five years testing, tweaking, drawing up diagrams and soldering circuit boards in pursuit of a goal that’s as crazy as it is inspiring. Will Song’s masterpiece achieve lift-off when it arrives on the tarmac in Kazakhstan? Does it even matter? Strangely compelling, The Basement Satellite stands as the ultimate all-nighter, a fluorescent-lit reflection on failure’s necessary involvement in the creative process and the struggle to try something new. Angie Driscoll

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