Bearing Witness

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Bearing Witness

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From directors Bob Eisenhardt, two-time Academy Award-winner Barbara Kopple, and Marijana Wotton, comes the extraordinary tale of five female journalists. Freelance photographer Molly Bingham, foreign correspondents Marie Colvin and Janine DiGiovanni (both from the Sunday Times, London), camerawoman Mary Rogers (CNN) and producer May Ying Welsh (Aljazeera) share their experiences from the front lines of the most recent Iraqi-American war. This brutally graphic and honest video diary explores the challenges, sacrifices and dangers experienced by female war reporters. Whether it’s being injured on the battlefield, losing friends and colleagues, being held captive in a foreign prison or facing the burden their chosen careers has placed on their personal relationships, these women persist in bearing witness to the injustices and atrocities perpetrated during war. Shannon Abel

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