Beethoven's Hair

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Beethoven's Hair

  • Canada
  • 60
  • STC
  • Larry Weinstein

How does a lock of Beethoven’s famously mad hair end up in the hands of Arizona residents Ira Brilliant and Che Guevara? Will this hair reveal the secrets of Beethoven’s deafness, volatility and creativity to modern science? Agile, precise and witty, Weinstein’s most recent documentary is a consummate musical mystery as two parallel stories of the lock of hair unfold and converge in a surprising conclusion. One story traces the journey of Beethoven’s hair from his corpse into the hands of a student, on through Nazi concentration camps to the home of a Danish doctor, then on to Sotheby’s auction block in 1994 where it was purchased by Arizona urologist Che Guevara for display in Ira Brilliant’s Center for Beethoven Studies. The long strange trip of this relic through time is recounted in parallel with the story of decoding Beethoven’s lifelong illnesses and their effect on his art by using ultra high-tech x-rays on his hair to determine what poisoned him. Alternately quirky and poignant, Beethoven’s Hair displays the exquisite edge of Weinstein’s masterful storytelling. David McIntosh

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