Boy's Life


A Boy's Life

  • USA
  • 77
  • STC
  • Rory Kennedy

Poor Robert. No matter how much he throws temper tantrums and threatens to kill himself, no one seems to understand his emotional pain. On the one hand, the seven-year-old could simply be a classic case of Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder. On the other hand, he’s caught in the turmoil of a nasty custody battle between his mother and grandmother. Luckily, Robert can always count on the tender love and care of the latter. Or can he? As we gradually immerse ourselves in the world of the young boy, his family, and the teachers and social workers who struggle to help him, a strange suspicion begins to emerge that there may be more to Robert’s erratic behaviour than diagnosed mental illness. Ingeniously crafted, A Boy’s Life encourages us to establish initial judgments on its characters and, through a shocking development, forces us to flip our preconceptions upside down. This is a boy’s life that’s rarely captured on film, and one that will surely provoke strong emotional reactions. Stephen Lan.

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