Brief History of Time


A Brief History of Time

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  • Errol Morris
Errol Morris takes the viewer through an emotional and intellectual journey in this portrait of cultural icon Stephen Hawking. A brilliant philosopher and physicist, Hawking authored the surprise best-seller A Brief History of Time. In it, he wrote about the properties of space and time, the Big Bang theory, quantum mechanics and a unified theory of physics. Heady stuff, indeed. What makes Hawking more remarkable - and an intriguing subject for a film - is that he suffers from ALS, a crippling disease that has confined him to a wheelchair for decades. His speech, rendered through a computer, is used as the voice-over for Morris’ incisive and engaging profile of the man and his ideas. Morris covers "questions about black holes, singularities, the contraction of time and the mind of God. Talking with Hawking's friends, associates and family, as well as notable scientists (including Roger Penrose, Dennis Sciama and John Wheeler), he creates an inspired mosaic of impressions about this remarkable man and his mind." - Desson Howe, Washington Post Marc Glassman

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