Bunso - The Youngest

Bunso 1

Bunso - The Youngest

  • Philippines, UK
  • 64
  • STC
  • Ditsi Carolino

Thirteen-year-old Tony, 11-year-old Diosel and 11-year-old Bunso (a nickname meaning ‘the youngest’) are inmates of a Philippine prison where child shoplifters mingle with adult murderers and rapists. The boys sleep cheek by jowl on a dirty floor. When it rains, they lie in a pool of water. Food, clothing, medicine and fresh water are scarce. Filmmaker Ditsi Carolino’s probing lens follows the boys in their daily struggles to survive. Physically tortured by his own father, Tony has become the protector of the younger inmates. He is articulate, compassionate and mature beyond his years. Angel-faced Diosel once sung religious songs to passersby for loose change but driven by hunger, he stole a can of sardines and landed behind bars. Bunso is the most emotionally overwrought of the three. At visiting hour, his mother claims she gave him life and can just as easily take it away. "Not I, but you should be in prison for beating me," Bunso tearfully retorts. Raw and unvarnished, Bunso is a harrowing indictment of a society’s failure to protect its most vulnerable. Karen Tisch

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