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The Cemetery Club

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On Mount Herzl in Jerusalem there is a national cemetery where heads of state, presidents, pioneers of Zionism and Israeli soldiers are buried under the majesty and greenery of the surroundings. Lena and her sister-in-law Minya are part of a group of elderly citizens who meet on Mount Herzl every Saturday. The group’s weekly mandate includes the discussion of current events, science and philosophy; providing companionship to stave off loneliness; and bringing their own folding chairs. Minya and Lena are two very different personalities. Lena is smart and educated but anxious and guarded while Minya is caring, soft-spoken and emotional. They met during World War Two in Poland. Lena married Minya’s brother and the two women became best friends. In this touching and sensitive film, director Tali Shemesh tries to uncover the history that led to the complicated relationship between her grandmother and great-aunt. Cemetery Club is a film about love and loss, growing old under the burden of unresolved issues, and the ghosts from the past that can come to haunt you. Shannon Abel

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