The Center

  • Germany
  • 85
  • STC
  • Stanislaw Mucha

Polish director Stanislaw Mucha is on a most unusual quest: to pinpoint the exact geographical centre of Europe. To some, it lies within Essen, Germany; to others, it belongs in Austria’s Brunau am Inn. Others still are convinced the centre of Europe is marked by a stone effigy in Poland, or even a garden gnome in their own backyard! This is clearly no ordinary road trip. The film follows a trail of errors, presumptions and bizarre self-assertions by quirky and colorful locals, all sharing strong opinions on where the centre of Europe actually belongs. Mucha shows how the growing struggle for survival for those living both outside Europe’s old borders and inside the new ones is met with composure and a sense of humour. No centre is actually the center, and yet every centre is the hub of the universe. Stephen Lan

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