Cross and Bones

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The Cross and Bones

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  • Paul Carrière
The small town of Drumheller, Alberta sits on the edge of the Badlands, the richest dinosaur graveyard in the world. Paleontologists regularly dig up fossilized bones proving that dinosaurs roamed this land millions of years ago. Or did they? Drumheller is also home to an evangelical Christian community that dismisses evolution in favour of the biblical account of God’s creation of the world several thousand years ago. Local pastor and real estate agent D’Arcy Browning enacts his faith by staging an elaborately costumed and choreographed Passion play, complete with Roman soldiers and lepers. Paleontologist Paul Johnson scoffs at creationists as he digs up yet another dinosaur bone from the Cretaceous period. In the middle of this confrontation between evolution and creation, a gang of hedonistic bikers shows up for a weekend of Harleys, booze and babes. Alternately profound and absurdly funny, The Cross and Bones is an insightful examination of how belief systems play out in our everyday lives. Director Paul Carrière has constructed a witty, ironic and respectful portrait of a community grappling with the very meaning of life. David McIntosh

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