Decent Factory

A Decent Factory 2

A Decent Factory

  • Finland, France
  • 79
  • STC
  • Thomas Balmès
Can a corporation balance profit-making and social responsibility? With Western multinationals outsourcing production to countries with cheaper labour, inferior working conditions and loose environmental standards, this is a central question for corporate managers, investors and customers. In Thomas Balmès’ revealing film, Finnish cell phone giant Nokia gets more than it bargained for when it decides to audit one of its Asian suppliers. Leading the mission is Nokia’s recently hired Ethics and Environmental Specialist who travels to Shenzhen, China to meet with the European and Chinese managers of a local factory and tour their facilities. The consultants don’t have to dig too far to unearth numerous violations of the already lax Chinese laws on minimum wage and working conditions. Interviews with female employees who reside in on-site dormitories reveal the stark realities of life on the assembly line. With surprising humour, Balmès presents the awkward dance between the probing Nokia inspectors and uneasy local managers, fashioning a perceptive insider’s look at a not-so-decent factory that gives new meaning to the phrase "Made in China." Karen Tisch

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