Devil's Miner

The Devils Miner

The Devil's Miner

  • USA, Germany
  • 82
  • STC
  • Kief Davidson

Bolivia’s oldest silver mine, Cerro Rico, haunts the Potosi region’s mountain landscape. It’s said to have taken the lives of over 8 million workers, and while most of its precious materials have long since been carried away, thousands still descend into its perilous depths today. Devoutly Catholic above ground, the miners pledge their faith to a decidedly different god down in the pits. The Devil makes his home there, a fact to which strange and numerous altars in his image attest. He alone decides who will strike a silver vein and who will go hungry. Balancing these two spiritual realms is 14-year-old Basilio Varagas. He works 24-hour shifts to support his younger brother and mother. If he has any money left over, he puts himself through school, as he knows this is his only hope of escaping the Devil and the mine. Directors Keif Davidson and Richard Ladkani spent over five years establishing trust with the miners, and toiled underground to capture the stunning, nearly impossible footage of Basilio’s life. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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