Don't Ask Why


Don't Ask Why

  • Germany, Pakistan
  • STC
  • Sabiha Sumar

Don’t Ask Why is the latest film by one of Pakistan’s few independent directors, Sabiha Sumar (Suicide Warriors, Karachi in Process, Who Will Cast the First Stone). It examines the dreams and aspirations of the new generation of Pakistani and Indian women through the life of Anousheh, a seventeen-year old Muslim girl living with her strict parents in Karachi, Pakistan. Anousheh’s parents want her to marry, but Anousheh wants to go to University and to travel. By way of her diary, the bright and intelligent Anousheh walks us through her daily life as she quietly questions the sexism of her community and of her religion. These small battles are fought in conversations with her father as she struggles to reconcile her love for him and her disappointment. Sensitive and poignant, Don’t Ask Why successfully highlights “the dilemmas of a society in transition, of a people caught in the web of modernity and tradition." — Pratik Joshi, Federation of Film Societies of India. Shannon Abel.

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