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“Doc Ignite is a wonderful way for filmmakers to connect directly with their audience. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness for great projects and to bring original, high quality documentary content to the big screen.” - Jay Cheel, director of How to Build a Time Machine

Hot Docs loves helping filmmakers fund and launch their documentaries, to see their hard work ignite before our eyes.

Doc Ignite is a crowdfunding site for Canadian documentary works-in-progress.

Hot Docs and doc filmmakers are calling on you, the audience, to take an active role in the production process. Help make a big difference for films, filmmakers and their stories by igniting projects at a critical stage of their production.

Every two months, Doc Ignite will feature a new doc-in-progress. Each project has been carefully selected by Hot Docs to showcase the best films in production, films that will share moving and impactful stories by a variety of talented Canadian filmmakers.

What’s in it for the films and filmmakers?

Your pledge dollars and help spreading the word will directly fund, launch, and ignite these docs, enabling them to reach their goals and share their story with audiences around the world.

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for your support you’ll receive special incentives – from both the filmmaking team and from Hot Docs – no matter what amount you pledge. Pretty sweet, huh? Of course a heartfult thanks from the filmmakers and the Hot Docs crew is in the cards, as well as that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from knowing that you’ve helped a filmmaker take one giant step closer to realizing their dream, and that your participation will be forever connected to the project and the creative process. Lucky you.

Interested in more documentary films to support? Check out Hot Docs films on Kickstarter.

Open Roof Festival starts the Doc Ignite fire

We are grateful for the Open Roof Festival prize of $1000 to each of the first 11 Doc Ignite projects. Thank you the Open Roof Festival!

“Doc Ignite serves as one of the best examples of Canada’s commitment to the arts. It’s because of programs like this that Canadian documentaries continue to garner a global reputation for excellence. Documentaries are one of the only things Canadians brazenly brag about – and why not, we invented them.” - Jordan Nahmias, Co-Director, Open Roof Festival

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