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Between the Lines

This project's funding stage has expired.


To raise $15,000.00 to shoot our documentary Between the Lines, a story about a group of Toronto street artists who find new meaning in their work as they defend it against the Mayor’s War on Graffiti.

In 2011, Toronto declared a War on Graffiti. Leading the anti-graffiti campaign is the city’s most controversial mayor in recent history - a conservative middle-aged businessman who polarizes the public with his views on what a city should be.

On the other side of the war artists struggle to defend graffiti’s anarchist and anti-social soul while accepting corporate commissions, attending gallery openings of their work and getting a taste of the security commercial artists enjoy…but at what cost?

We’ve been following the stories of street artists including Deadboy, Spud, and Joel Richardson for more than a year as they teeter between cashing in and selling out.

Now we need your help getting this film done.

Between the Lines will bring you all the kick-ass drama of a graffiti flick with some insights about how the art world is changing rebel artists… and how they might be changing It.

In return for your support on Doc Ignite we offer our heartfelt thanks and a host of incredible incentives.

Why are we asking for money right now?

We’ve been following this story for over a year and are set to go into heavy production this summer. So are City policies. In the coming months a wave of graffiti removal will sweep across the City of Toronto leaving blank canvases in its wake. Our artists are itching for the opportunity to get at those walls and we need to be right there with them. With a bit of funding to back us we can be in the right places with the right equipment to capture what lies beneath the paint on our city walls. Through this we want to create a dialogue open to all the people affected by the issue.

What’s Between the Lines all about?

The lives and art of some street artists in Toronto have been put in the spotlight since the Mayor declared War on Graffiti. They are now facing decisions and opportunities that they’ve never had before. They’re holding gallery shows (some for the first time), starting to do commissioned work for ad companies, getting arrested… some while raising children. At the same time they are being forced to re-evaluate their own core values about street art and essentially how they live their lives. Is selling-out worth making a living that you enjoy? Can you subvert a culture of conservative-capitalism when you’re using the system to your own benefit?

Meanwhile, the City of Toronto has been ramping up policies and funding for graffiti removal. This is a significant expense that is being footed by taxpayers - some of which are screaming for a voice in the matter.

As the War on Graffiti has turned into a catalyst for creativity, we want this documentary to become a catalyst for public dialogue about public space.

What will we do with the funds raised?

Producing a film is an expensive undertaking. While our fundraising goal may seem relatively low by at only 15K, reaching that figure will ensure we get the footage we need over this summer, affording us:

  • A professional sound person, which is critical in a quality film
  • Insurance, to keep our crew and our production safe while shooting a film about a legally contentious activity
  • Archival news and stock footage
  • Crew costs to ensure we get all the action covered
  • Equipment and gear needed for production

Creating an in-depth, visually exciting, high-quality film requires that we have the proper crew, gear and insurance to shoot through the summer full time. It also requires a professional polish that comes with proper audio and equipment. These are crucial ingredients for the completion of a quality film that will do justice to the stories we’ve captured.

With your help, we can pay for all of these necessary expenses to capture the story behind BETWEEN THE LINES this summer so we can go into post-production in the Fall and get this film to you early in 2013.

You’re even invited to a sneak peak at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto! (Check out our incentives for more info…).

Thanks for checking out our project and Igniting our film!