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How to Build a Time Machine

This project's funding stage has expired.

After the great experience of making my first documentary feature BEAUTY DAY, I want to make a follow-up film that will be equally inspiring and entertaining. My subject this time is a childhood fascination: time travel.

For years I’ve been exploring the subject and talking to people – from science fiction fans to physicists – who are as intrigued as I am. My film will explore all aspects of time travel (which is theoretically possible!) but the core will be the tale of John Titor. Here’s a little of his story:

The year is 2036. Decades after the global nuclear war, an American soldier named John Titor is assigned to travel back to 1975 and retrieve an IBM 5100 computer. During this mission, John makes an unexpected stop in 2000 “for personal reasons.” He connects with his family – and his 2-year-old self!  And he interacts online with a group of time travel enthusiasts, sharing information about the future and a detailed description of how his time machine works.

Today, many think John’s tale was a hoax. But he also has die-hard followers who strongly believe they spoke with a man from the future.

HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE will be a genre-bending, true life sci fi mystery that will tell John Titor’s story through interviews with the incredible web of people who were drawn into it, and through a recreation of his journey.

But I need your help to make it!    

THE GOAL: To film cinematic recreations of John’s mission to 1975 based on his original Internet posts. To accomplish this, we will need money to help cover the costs of costumes, props, locations, and actors. With your help, we hope to reach $25,000, which will enable us to create a great experience for you, the audience.

As a lover of film and filmmaking, I attempt to make movies that would excite me as a fan. I want to tell this story in the most cinematic, engaging, and entertaining fashion possible.

I hope you will come aboard and take an amazing journey through time with us.