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Lost & Found

This project's funding stage has expired.

YOU can ignite LOST & FOUND, and in turn help to make a film that powerfully observes the reuniting of belongings lost in the Japanese tsunami with their original owners.

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, Japan was a magnitude 9.0 – it was the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan. It triggered tsunami waves that reached heights of 40.5 meters. The waves devastated the eastern shore of Japan. 20,000 lives were lost and with them entire villages were swept into the sea. 25 million tonnes of debris – homes, cars, boats, personal belongings – was washed into the Pacific Ocean. Some debris sunk, some was rescued in the early days of clean up, the rest has slowly floated across the world and is now landing on the shores of North America.

LOST & FOUND follows the epic endeavor underway to reunite objects lost in the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Strangers, continents apart, are coming together to salvage the memories amid the debris. Join us as we journey to Japan with the beachcombers, oceanographers, kayakers and environmentalists who have found these objects, return these lost belonging to their rightful owners, and hear the stories behind them.

We began working on this film just over a year ago before anything had actually washed ashore. When we caught wind of the first tsunami related object discovered floating out at sea, we knew we needed to move forward with our idea – and fast!

Almost two years have passed since the Japanese tsunami and the people of Japan are still rebuilding. It’s little miracles, like discovering that one small piece of your past survived, that provides hope. With your help we will return to Japan this summer with individuals who have found lost objects, and will return that belonging in person to its original owner.

That is why we are reaching out to you for your help and support. Without your contribution we would not be able to fund the trip back to Japan or create the documentary that will capture this sacred moment in time.

Your support is crucial. The stories behind the objects found, as well as those that have come out of the discovery and search for their owners, are undeniably unique and need to be told. We are so grateful to be a part of Doc Ignite, to make sure this film gets made, to travel to Japan and return these personal belongings to their homes, and to tell the stories behind each lost and found object.

Thank you, Nicolina Lanni & John Choi