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The Ambassador


Fri, Apr 27 4:00 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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Fri, May 4 4:45 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

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Sat, May 5 9:00 PM
The Regent

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94 minutes | Denmark  | Danish English French  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

Sundance award-winning director Mads Brügger returns with his latest film of “performative journalism.” Obtaining backdoor Liberian papers, he travels to the former French colony of the Central African Republic masquerading as a businessman on a diplomatic mission with the public intention of creating a match factory. Privately, however, his aim is to gain access to the country’s diamond-rich power brokers. In this clandestine, darkly humorous and often disturbing endeavour, Brügger exposes how power truly works in the seedy world of those who abuse diplomacy, and reveals the multitude of perks afforded to corrupt ambassadors. This is the story of Africa for the affluent and of those who flaunt a system in which the winners and losers are often the most unexpected. Charlotte Cook

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Mads Brügger

Peter Engel
Carsten Holst

Mads Brügger
Maja Juul Larsen

Johan Stahl Winthereik

Carsten Søsted
Kimmo Taavila
Leif Axel Kjeldsen

Tin Soheili
Niklas Schak

Hans Christian Koch
Andreas Kongsgaard Mogensen

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