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Autumn Gold

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Tue, May 4 7:59 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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Thu, May 6 12:30 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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94 minutes | Austria Germany  | Czech English German Italian Swedish  | World Premiere | Rating: PG

To climb the podium at the track and field World Masters Championships, you’ve got to be fit, fiercely competitive, and a few years shy of 100. Five silver-haired athletes, age 82 and up, demonstrate what it takes to go for the gold in one’s golden years—if they can just get past the small print of the application form. Ninety-three-year-old Herbert Liedtke can still sprint 100 metres in record time, and Isle Pleuger, age 85, can shotput like a 50-year-old. But the loneliness and weakening control over life off the track are hurdles unique to senior athletes, who must race not only against the track clock but against time itself. With equal parts heart and humour, Autumn Gold offers a most inspiring look at life’s longest running battle. - Myrocia Watamaniuk

Subjects :

Jan Tenhaven

Christian Beetz
Johannes Rosenberger

Jan Tenhaven

Marcus Winterbauer
Martin Langner

Jürgen Winkelblech

Andy Baum

Patrick Veigel
Oliver Grafe

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