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Battle for Brooklyn


Sat, Apr 30 8:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

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Sun, May 1 2:30 PM
Cumberland 2

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94 minutes | USA  | English  | World Premiere | Rating: PG

After searching for more than five years, graphic designer Daniel Goldstein finds the perfect place to call home in Brooklyn. Within months of moving in, however, he discovers that a new arena for the New Jersey Nets is slated to be built where his condo stands. The densest real estate development plan in US history, the Atlantic Yards project seeks to replace the existing neighbourhood businesses and residences with 16 skyscrapers and a sports complex. Daniel becomes a reluctant activist when the government begins using eminent domain to force locals out, handing their property over to a private developer. Determined to fight back, Daniel participates in demonstrations, organizes meetings and gives media interviews and tours—anything to save his neighbourhood. Spanning seven years, Battle for Brooklyn is the infuriating story of a greedy corporate Goliath and the new American way: corruption, bulldozing and corporate interests over citizen rights. - Angie Driscoll

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Michael Galinsky
Suki Hawley

David Beilinson
Michael Galinsky
Suki Hawley

Michael Galinsky

Suki Hawley

David Reid
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