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Thu, May 2 11:00 AM
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109 minutes | USA  | English  | World Premiere | Rating: PG

Follow seven Republican leadership hopefuls—Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry, Cain and Paul—as they race their political machines around Iowa. With exhaustive access, this documentary trails Michele Bachmann’s glittering bus and overtakes Ron Paul’s earnest minivan to reveal who’s talking on point and who has the common touch. Though it appears Romney holds the lead, a fickle constituency and shifting polls keep the challengers going to yet another pancake breakfast, barbecue and town-hall meeting. Obstacles are present: organized protesters can disrupt a public engagement and quiet dissenters can throw a candidate off rhythm with a challenging aside. Thankfully director AJ Schnack knows when to slow down to catch an unguarded moment. Whatever your personal politics, it’s tough to resist backing a horse in this race. The final outcome is a nuanced presentation of the politics of the American heartland. Merrie Whitmore

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AJ Schnack

Nathan Truesdell
AJ Schnack
Shirley Moyers
Edward Parks

Executive Producer(s)
Niraj Bhatia
Frank Mele

Bill Ross
Turner Ross
AJ Schnack
Nathan Truesdell

AJ Schnack

Mark degli Antoni

Lawrence Everson