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107 minutes | USA  | International Premiere | Rating: G

In 1998, teenage hacker Shawn Fanning cracked the code that enabled peer-to-peer file sharing online. In 1999, he partnered with his friend and fellow teen Sean Parker (later of Facebook fame) to launch a little service known as Napster. The music-sharing website transformed not only the music industry, but technology as a whole. It sparked a revolution and became the touchstone of a new, digital generation. Filmmaker Alex Winter provides ideal access to Fanning and his collaborators, as well as to a roster of famous musicians including Henry Rollins, Snoop Lion, Beastie Boy Mike D and Public Enemy Chuck D, who are only too happy to give their opinions and insights on free downloading and copyright infringement. Downloaded deftly charts the rise and fall of Napster’s creators, from idealistic kids to vilified pirates, and places Napster in its rightful context as a pioneering platform that changed the world. Angie Driscoll

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Alex Winter

Alex Winter
Maggie Malina
Devorah Devries

Executive Producer(s)
Brad Abramson
Warren Cohen
Jeff Olde
Shelly Tatro

Alex Winter

Anghel Decca

Jacob Craycroft

DJ Spooky

Eliza Paley

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