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Dreams of a Life


Wed, May 2 9:45 PM
The Royal Cinema

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Fri, May 4 9:15 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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90 minutes | UK Ireland  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

Dreams of a Life refers to those fragments of personal narrative that remain when a life is over. This documentary is a collection of those fragments, carefully pieced together to form the semi-complete story of Joyce Vincent. The picture will remain incomplete because the ending just doesn’t fit. Joyce Vincent was pretty and popular so why did she die alone, her corpse unnoticed for three years? Her friends didn’t realize that the Joyce they knew was “Joyce,” the tragic tabloid tale of a skeleton found in North London. The Joyce they recall is a head-turner, a gifted singer, destined for success. Director Carol Morley employs a variety of clever techniques, blending fact and fiction to flesh out Joyce’s story and allow her to be properly mourned as a person with a life and dreams unfulfilled.

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Media Coverage

Carol Morley

Cairo Cannon
James Mitchell
Rachel Lysaght (Co-Producer)
Danielle Ryan (Associate Producer)

Executive Producer(s)
Katherine Butler
Tabitha Jackson
Alan Maher
Paul McGowan
Andre Singer

Carol Morley

Mary Farbrother
Lynda Hall

Chris Wyatt

Barry Adamson

Christopher Wilson