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El Bulli - Cooking in Progress


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108 minutes | Germany  | Catalan Spanish  | Toronto Premiere | Rating: G

This candid observational doc takes you into the restaurant, kitchen and laboratory of Ferran Adrià, holder of three Michelin stars and the chef behind Restaurant Magazine’s five-time annual best restaurant in the world, the legendary El Bulli. Considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of molecular gastronomy, Adrià prefers to think of himself as a deconstructivist. He starts with something as familiar as a sweet potato, isolates its flavour and then employs a variety of techniques and technologies to transform that essence into something best described as a multi-sensory experience. Gereon Wetzel’s film, true to the exacting standards of its subject, effectively captures the essence of Adrià’s creative process, following him and his elite team of chefs through years of work. But unlike Adrià and his restaurant, now closed forever, Wetzel’s presentation is uncomplicated and accessible, a highly satisfying look at the methodology of a culinary genius. - Merrie Whitmore

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