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The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González


Sat, Apr 30 11:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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Mon, May 2 8:00 PM
The Royal Cinema

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74 minutes | Sweden  | Swedish English Spanish  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

What does the writing process of Swedish folk artist José González look like? A voyeuristic security camera in his soundproof recording studio reveals the painstaking routine, loneliness, boredom and silence that eventually give root to the whimsical sound of his much anticipated second album, In Our Nature. What does he think about while he’s brushing his teeth? Sitting on his tour bus? Eating his breakfast? Playful animation depicts González’ inner monologue and esoteric musings on Darwinism, the sun, his existence and the challenges of writing. One can’t help but be mesmerized by the understated yet powerful sound that emanates from the lone guitarist on stage. With intimacy and insight, Mikel Cee Karlsson and Fredrik Egerstrand capture a portrait of a humble and contemplative musical mind. - Lynne Crocker

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