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Free The Mind


Thu, May 2 6:30 PM
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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Fri, May 3 6:00 PM
The ROM Theatre

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Sat, May 4 11:00 AM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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80 minutes | Denmark  | English  | North American Premiere | Rating: PG

Richard Davidson, an expert in the field of brain research, has devoted his life to the study of meditation as a method of restoring mental health and happiness. A traditionally trained scientist and practitioner of a style of meditation rooted in traditional Buddhist practice, Davidson’s research employs brain imaging to support the idea that an ancient technique offers new hope for mental illness. Director Phie Ambo documents Davidson’s most challenging experiment to date, employing Mindfulness to treat Attention Deficit in children and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans. A sensitive and skillful director, Ambo’s film demystifies very complex neuroscience while maintaining the complexity of her human subjects, both researcher and patient. The result is a nuanced presentation of the problems of mental illness and the possibility of an effective solution.

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