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92 minutes | USA  | English Spanish  | World Premiere | Rating: 14A

“Nothing stops a bullet like a job.” This is the belief of unlikely gang expert Father Boyle, a Jesuit priest also known as G-Dog. He’s the visionary behind Homeboy Industries, the largest, most successful gang intervention and rehab program in the US. Like no other organization, Homeboy is doing things right. But when the donations and support aren’t coming in fast enough, Homeboy is at risk of closing its doors and sending many back to the streets. With strong bonds between Father Boyle and the young men and women from the program, and a little faith and hard work, they just might pull through. Easily one of the most inspirational and uplifting documentaries of the year, Father Boyle and the group at Homeboy are proof that we can make a better world. Heather Haynes

Co-Presented with Co-presented with [Manifesto Community Projects](

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Freida Mock

Freida Mock

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