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Garden in the Sea


Sat, Apr 28 4:00 PM
The ROM Theatre

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Sun, Apr 29 9:30 PM
Innis Town Hall

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Sun, May 6 4:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

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68 minutes | Mexico  | (Subtitled) Spanish English  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: G

Award-winning filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer brings us Garden in the Sea, a visually stunning documentary about art, landscape and environmental conservation. For four years, the director follows internationally renowned Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias as she begins to create a commissioned underwater work for Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. As she explores both land and sea seeking direction and inspiration for her installation, her experiences are captured in the flawless cinematography that leaves poetic and lasting images of a sea that is still abundant and a land that is still plentiful. Expanding the form of a classic portrait, this film captures the creative process and human passion to make the stunning yet fragile beauty of our world tangible. Heather Haynes

Screening with Platform Moon.

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Thomas Riedelsheimer

Manuel Arango

Executive Producer(s)
Rodolfo Ogarrio

Thomas Riedelsheimer
Alfredo Barroso
John Friday

Thomas Riedelsheimer

Stephan Micus

Shinya Kitamura
Pedro Mejía
Thomas Schwarz
Felix Riedelsheimer
Friedericke Güsselfeld