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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then


Wed, May 4 8:30 PM
Cumberland 3

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Fri, May 6 7:15 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

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72 minutes | USA  | English  | Toronto Premiere | Rating: PG

“This is Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. It’s a true story about this guy named Leonard Wood who lived outside of Louisville, Kentucky. And when his wife Mary was diagnosed with cancer he thought he could build their house into a kind of healing machine that would save her life.” So begins Brent Green’s narration for this extraordinary, eerie and eccentric work. Green went to film Leonard’s house before it was torn down and had one of those life changing moments. So he decided to make a film about Leonard and “running everything down to zero to leave something wonderful behind.” A tinkerer himself, Green rebuilt the house on his own property in Pennsylvania, dreamily re-enacting Leonard and Mary’s world with a blend of animation, stop-motion and live-action visuals. Like Leonard’s house, Green’s film is an open-hearted, handcrafted ode to devotion. And it’s wonderful. Sean Farnel.

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