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Here One Day


Wed, May 1 6:30 PM
Scotiabank 4

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Fri, May 3 6:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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76 minutes | USA  | English  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

After Nina Leichter committed suicide, her daughter, director Kathy Leichter, moved back into the house she grew up in to surround herself with her mother’s belongings. These tangible objects were all that Kathy had left to feel connected to Nina. The most significant of these artifacts was a box of audio diaries Kathy found in her mother’s closet. Unable to listen to them, Kathy kept the box hidden for 16 years until the day she found the courage to hear her mother’s voice again. Here One Day is a brave and intensely personal directorial debut, composed from Nina’s revealing recordings, daily confessions and reflections on her lengthy battle with depression and bipolar disorder; frank and thoughtful interviews with family members; and a wealth of 8mm home videos. Kathy bravely confronts the dark demons that haunted her mother. What emerges is a beautifully heartbreaking portrait of mental illness, grief and love.

Co-Presented with Workman Arts

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