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Tue, May 3 7:30 PM
Cumberland 2

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Thu, May 5 5:30 PM
The ROM Theatre

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90 minutes | Italy  | Italian  | North American Premiere | Rating: -

In the southern Italian city of Bari, desperate times call for desperate—and downright ridiculous—measures. With more than 3,000 families waiting for subsidized housing, people will do nearly anything to get and keep a roof over their heads. An elderly lady is so afraid of losing her flat she uses a mannequin to ward off squatters. Nino and Clara are in love, but since neither is prepared to give up their own home to move in with the other, they may split. And Beppe claims he wants to go abroad to find work, but the mere idea of abandoning his apartment keeps him home and unemployed. Housing punctuates its sharp policy critique with fantastic humour, but pays equal attention to the very real suffering of people just trying to get by. Thoughtful and provocative, this film is an irresistible peek at just how anti-social housing can be. Myrocia Watamaniuk

Subjects :

Federica Di Giacomo

Raffaele Brunetti

Executive Producer(s)
Alison Ercolani

Federica Di Giacomo
Antonella Gaeta

Clarissa Cappellani

Jacopo Quadri

Patrick Watson
Alfonso D'Amora

Michele Tota