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Legend of a Warrior


Mon, Apr 30 9:15 PM
Cumberland 2

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Thu, May 3 1:30 PM
The ROM Theatre

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Fri, May 4 4:00 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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78 minutes | Canada  | World Premiere | Rating: PG

Grunts, thwacks, slaps and yaaaii’s pierce the air in grand master Frank Lee’s Edmonton gym as his students practice his famous White Crane technique. Still ebullient and charismatic, Sifu Frank is turning 70 and, after a 25-year absence, his filmmaker son has decided to train at his dad’s gym to understand his Chinese heritage and discover the man behind the legend before it’s too late. As his training intensifies, their relationship remains distant until a father-son trip to Hong Kong triggers Sifu’s painful memories of fighting to survive. Director Corey Lee perfectly blends stunning shots of kung fu and action-style animations with candid conversations to gradually reveal the men beneath the warrior and his once-estranged son. Lee executes a perfect combination punch with an action film that’s also a love story about fathers and sons who fight for the courage to heal old wounds. Lynne Fernie

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Corey Lee

Sue Bristow
Bonnie Thompson
Corey Lee

Executive Producer(s)
David Christensen
Scott Henuset

Corey Lee

Jarrett Craig

Ian Day

Alec Harrison
Andrea Wettstein

Justan Ross