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Love Crimes of Kabul


Wed, May 4 8:00 PM
Cumberland 2

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Fri, May 6 4:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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72 minutes | USA  | Dari Pashto  | World Premiere | Rating: PG

In Afghanistan’s Badam Bagh women’s prison, half the inmates are jailed for ‘moral crimes.’ Kareema awaits trial for pre-marital sex with fiancé, Firuz; both face up to 15 years in prison. Aleema ran away from a violent home and Zia Jaan offered her a place to stay. Aleema could serve 15 years, and Zia Jaan 20 for illegally housing her. Sabereh is in love with her neighbour and stands accused of having slept with him. In Afghanistan’s shame-based society, where behaviour is strictly controlled by an ideology of honour, and transgression can bring ruin to an entire family, these women are seen as threats to the fabric of society who must be punished. Director Tanaz Eshaghian follows each case to trial, giving voice to those seen by the court only in terms of blame and embarrassment.

Subjects :

Tanaz Eshaghian

Tanaz Eshaghian
Christoph Jorg

Executive Producer(s)
Sheila Nevins

Supervising Producer: Sara Bernstein

Kat Patterson

Jay Freund

Florencia Di Concilio

Kat Patterson