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Mon, Apr 29 9:00 PM
Scotiabank 4

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Tue, Apr 30 1:30 PM
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72 minutes | USA  | English  | World Premiere | Rating: 14A

This is a story of survival. Lucky Torres is a young woman who dreams of stardom, but her painful past seems to always get in the way. Having moved from shelter to shelter for as long as she can remember, she is now a mother trying to make her way through the rough and unforgiving streets of New York the best way she knows how. A young woman whose life has been etched by pain, Lucky masks her wounds behind a tattoo-covered face and a toughened shell. She hustles the system to keep afloat until that day of emancipation arrives, when her dreams of having love, fame, family and strength in sisterhood are fulfilled. Laura Checkoway’s portrayal of Lucky speaks to universal understandings of pain, struggle and longing and that belief in something better that drives many of us forward. Heather Haynes

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Laura Checkoway

Neyda Martinez
Laura Checkoway

Executive Producer(s)
Steve James

Danya Abt
Laura Checkoway
Naiti Gamez
Amir Minder

Lewis Erskine
Amir Minder
Laura Checkoway

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