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Made In China


Sat, Apr 28 9:15 PM
Cumberland 3

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Mon, Apr 30 11:00 AM
The ROM Theatre

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Sun, May 6 6:00 PM
The ROM Theatre

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120 minutes | China  | (Subtitled) Chinese  | North American Premiere | Rating: 14A

Dongguan, China, known as the “workshop of the world”, is home to over 3,000 factories churning out products to be shipped across the globe, all tagged with the ubiquitous Made in China label. Jian Du chronicles, with a pure observational style, one year at the Jinyuan garment factory. The garment workers live in cramped dormitories and work long hours under the constant whirling hum of the machines—that is, when there’s work for them to do. Increasingly, the factory owners are forced to cut production when the orders aren’t there. The failing economy is hitting the entire industry, leaving owners and workers in a similar position of helplessness and frustration. Made in China is a humanistic look at day-to-day life inside a sweatshop, and an affectionate, often lighthearted, portrayal of the workers who strive to maintain a positive outlook on a difficult path with no end in sight. Lynne Crocker

Jian Du

Bing Xu

Executive Producer(s)
Ning Kang

Pingdao Yang
Yahui Li
Yuelin Sun
Renquan Huang

Xudong Lin

Yanghui Zhao
Chunsheng Qi