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Memoirs of a Plague


Wed, May 4 10:45 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

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Fri, May 6 5:00 PM
Cumberland 3

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77 minutes | Australia  | English  | North American Premiere | Rating: 14A

The locusts are coming! The locusts are coming! Arab Bedouins in Egypt, cattle ranchers in Australia and a pesticide pilot in Ethiopia all brace themselves for the imminent invasion. It’s hard not to sympathize with the grasshoppers – shot in extreme close-up at 1000X magnification – that crawl into this world with translucent innocence, cute mugs and individual personalities. How can such tiny insects pose a serious international problem, inspiring apocalyptic fear and war-time measures? That question is quickly answered once the swarms of billions form. They run! They swim! They fly! They devour everything in their path at lightning speed! The climactic encounter between humans and ‘white fairies’ proves to be a visceral and elegant allegory of the destructive relationship between man and nature. Memoirs of a Plague is an original horror doc that blends gore, parody and musical numbers to fashion the perfect empathetic villain—ourselves. Angie Driscoll

Subjects :

Robert Nugent

Mitzi Goldman

Robert Nugent

Bonnie Elliott
Peter Neahros
Robert Nugent

Rowena Crowe

Kristin Rule

Daniel Mau
Adrian Bilinsky

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