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Mercy Mercy: A Portrait of a True Adoption


Sat, Apr 27 7:00 PM
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Fri, May 3 9:30 PM
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94 minutes | Denmark  | (Subtitled) Danish English Oromo  | North American Premiere | Rating: PG

Easily one of the most important documentaries on inter-country adoption, Mercy Mercy gives a rare look at all participants in the adoption process, including the parents who give their children up. Two loving Ethiopians parents, Sinkenesh and Hussen, have just been diagnosed with HIV and told they have only a year to live. They make the painful decision to give their two youngest children up for adoption, handing them over to a Danish family. In an emotional departure, the Danish family promises to stay in touch and the adoption agency agrees to broker the relationship. What seems like the best decision for the children becomes a series of tragic and painful events for all, unveiling that the well-being of children is not always the main priority in the adoption process. Greed, selfishness, unrealistic expectations and skewed cultural perspectives idealizing one way of life over another collide in this powerful story. Heather Haynes

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Katrine Riis Kjaer

Miriam Nørgaard
Sara Stockmann
Vibeke Windeløv

Executive Producer(s)
Ronnie Fridthjof

Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Morten Schultz
Katrine Kjær
Niels Thastum
Lars Skree

Morten Højbjerg

Sune Martin

Micke Nyström