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The National Parks Project


Sat, Apr 30 10:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

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Mon, May 2 10:15 PM
The Royal Cinema

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127 minutes | Canada  | English French  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: -

In an increasingly urban nation, Canada’s national parks are a treasured escape into extraordinary beauty and rugged wilderness. If the Group of Seven were an introduction to the landscape’s majesty, National Parks Project is the next logical chapter. Fifty-two contemporary artists from across the country, whose talents are as diverse as the parks they set out to explore, used their surroundings as a source of inspiration to blend musical and cinematic skills into collaboratively crafted vignettes. Epic in its ambition to celebrate these locales during Parks Canada’s centennial year, this omnibus film resonates with the knowledge that our unprotected land is more vulnerable than ever. Including films by Zacharius Kunuk, Peter Lynch, Sturla Gunnarsson and John Walker, and music by Sarah Harmer, Sam Roberts, Cadence Weapon and The Besnard Lakes, among many others, National Parks Project is a one-of-a-kind documentary experience. Alex Rogalski

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Media Coverage

Louise Archambault
Keith Behrman
Daniel Cockburn
Hubert Davis
Sturla Gunnarsson
Zacharias Kunuk
Stéphane Lafleur
Peter Lynch
Catherine Martin
Kevin McMahon
Scott Smith
Jamie Travis
John Walker

Joel McConvey
Geoff Morrison
Ryan J. Noth
Kristina McLaughlin
Kevin McMahon
Michael McMahon

Executive Producer(s)
Michael McMahon

Steve Cosens
Jonny Cliff
John Minh Tran
Chris Romeike
Cabot McNenly
Catherine Lutes

Ryan J. Noth
Andres Landau
Caroline Christie
Jeff Warren
Eric Wiegand
Jeremiah Munce
Dave De Carlo
Roland Schlimme
Duff Smith

Jim Guthrie
Sarah Harmer
Bry Webb
Dean Stone
Tanya Tagaq
Andrew Whiteman
Laura Barrett
Mark Hamilton
Rollie Pemberton
Melissa Auf der Maur
Jamie Fleming
Sam Shalabi
Olga Goreas
Shadrach Kabango
Jace Lasek
Ian D'sa
Mishka Stein
Graham Van Pelt
Kathleen Edwards
Matt Mays
Sam Roberts
Jennifer Castle
Sebastien Grainger
Dan Werb
Christine Fellows
Sandro Perri
John K. Samson
Dale Morningstar
Chad Ross
Sophie Trudeau
Ohad Benchetrit
Don Kerr
Casey Mecija
Mathieu Charbonneau
Andre Ethier
Rebecca Foon
Tony Dekker
Daniela Gesundheit
Chris Luedecke

Paul Aucoin
Ian McGettigan